logo of the game Fech The Ferret
Fech running through a colorful forest

A game about free running

As you explore Marmocle, you’re left free to explore and learn how to travel most elegantly by taking advantage of skips and walls to climb.

...paired with electronic music

The faster you go, the more intese the music gets! 

There also seem to be some neon dungeons scattered around the world. Make sure to spot them if you wish to test your reflexes with rhythmic challenges.

Fech running in a neon-coloured dungeon
Fech standing up dressed


Our clumsy protagonist is pink ferret who has yet to learn about the world. He's set on his first adventure through Marmocle, a peaceful region he suddenly found himself in.

Join a lovely community!

A lot of the development is centered around Fech The Ferret’s discord server.

Here you can feel free to give your opinion and chat with devs, as well as meet other fans of the game!


Meet the team


creator of Fech

Director, designer and composer

Notably a Sonic fan


2D artist

Crow-powered art genius



prop artist

They bring the world to life



level designer

The one who makes the world fun

Creator of Sonic GT



Adds wit to the game


concept artist

Skilled contraption designer